Why Computer Services Plus?

Responsive. Reliable. Experienced.

Decades of Experience

At CSP, we’ve been providing IT solutions for business since 2001. Along the way we’ve worked with some of the best in the business and leverage these relationships to provide top tier technology solutions at affordable prices. Prior to CSP, stints with large corporates and in healthcare convinced us to focus on what makes America work: small business.

Proven Innovative Solutions

IT is constantly evolving. We don’t always jump on ‘the latest and greatest’ just because it’s new and shiny, but changes in technology really can improve your business and help you and your people accomplish more. We’ll help you stay informed and assist in managing transitions to better solutions.

Paul Gloser

Letter From the President

I’ve been in IT since it was called MIS (ha). We launched CSP in ’01 and started moving to managed services around 2007. (‘managed services’ means you pay $X/month to cover IT). We still occasionally respond to break/fix requests (that’s where you wait until something breaks, and hope someone’s there when you call for help to get payroll out today); but our experience shows that ends up more costly – in time and efficiency – so we try to avoid it. Managed services really does work.

For you, the business owner, the hard part is choosing: everyone offers managed services these days – even the copier guys. (no offense to you copier guys). There’s little barrier to entry: signup with an RMM vendor, install agents, send invoices and poof! you make money on automagic maintenance! …sort of. While automation covers much of the grunt work (patches, alerts etc.) – like most things – the devil is in the details. That’s the difference between us and too many other MSPs (Managed Service Providers). Good IT solutions require attention to detail. We limit our client base/growth to assure we deliver what you need when you need IT. Our clients are happy because we under-promise and over-deliver.

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