We manage IT for Small Business Owners in Pennsylvania

Spend your time (and your peoples’ time) on the business.
We’ll take care of the computers 

…and the network and servers and tablets and phones and email and…

24/7 IT Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance

Work From Anywhere: Mobile Solutions, Cloud Management

Work from anywhere: Secure VPN, Mobile, Cloud Management

Cybersecurity Guidance and Awareness Training

Data BackUp and Recovery Planning to Fit Your Requirements.

Smart Network Design for Performance and Security

Help with vendors: Single Contact to Help Select, Coordinate, and Manage. We Get Results.

Decades of Experience

At CSP, we’ve been providing IT solutions for business since 2001. Along the way we’ve worked with some of the best in the business and leverage these relationships to provide top tier technology solutions at affordable prices. Prior to CSP, stints with large corporates and in healthcare convinced us to focus on what makes America work: small business.

Proven Innovative Solutions

IT is constantly evolving. We don’t always jump on ‘the latest and greatest’ just because it’s new and shiny, but changes in technology really can improve your business and help you and your people accomplish more. We’ll help you stay informed and assist in managing transitions to better solutions.

New stuff is fun when you ask ‘why haven’t we been doing this all along?!’

Some of us have different ideas of ‘fun’ 🙄