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   Computer Services Plus (CSP) Computer Services Plus (CSP) provides computer, network and information technology services for business in Pennsylvania.

In partnership with select vendors and affiliates, CSP serves as your IT department - a single point of contact to quickly address technology challenges and opportunities.

Why choose CSP?

We're there when you need us. We can usually access your machines remotely to provide assistance when you need it - NOW! And when necessary, we're nearby and can typically be onsite quickly.

As your IT group, we take care of it. Proactive maintenance and 24x7 monitoring works - your systems run better and many issues are resolved before you even know they exist. If you do have a problem, one call or email to the service desk gets results.

We don't 'work around' problems - we resolve them. In the heat of the moment, we'll do whatever it takes to help you quickly accomplish the task at hand; then revisit the issue in the background to assure it doesn't happen again.

How does it work?
Our programs set a fixed monthly fee to cover things. It's all about time, but - unlike some IT providers - fees are not a prepaid amount for a block of hours so there's no incentive to go 'minute by minute lawyer mode' on you. (no offense to you lawyers out there). We work with you to identify a monthly fee that makes sense so you know what's covered.

We have the same goals as you: systems that work well without incident.

Contact CSP today. We'll take care of the network. You focus on your business.


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Click the image or one of the links below to invite us to access your computer over the Internet.
Your CSP rep will provide you with a password to enter.

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